Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Its raining ⚜ again

lovely lopsided wellies are the best during rainy days #truestory

Unless you're irrevocably sleepy from studying for your finals (or have been attempting to do something equally productive) like me, then you probably managed to get the hint -- thanks to the title and the pictures -- that it has been raining. It has been raining all.day.long
I'm not quite sure how to feel about this, having endured 6 months of dark, damp winter weather. It gets slightly depressing after a while, even though I have always spared some super special love for rain, thunderstorms and dark weather. So not cool, rain. Not cool. (Just kidding, I love you, have my babies). 

In any case, I was overcome my a sudden desire to get cosy, so here I am, sitting behind my laptop with a cashmere blanket (yes -- very soft) and a cup of foamy hot chocolate. Yum, yum.
 Aww yiss.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby steps ♚

☆ (・ε・)ノ ☆

Hello, people call me Miuw and I am ~17 years old.

I harbour a tender love for partying, reading (yes, actual books! Who could've guessed), pretty drinks, flowing dresses, my friends, animals, ski trips to the Alps, summertime madness in the South of France, eating, music, shopping and macarons.

If you like the same things, you'll probably love this blog ;)