Sunday, May 5, 2013

☮ Babes ☼ ♡ A.K.A what's in my bag? c:

I've been sunbathing (for the first time this year!), studying and eating Nutella sandwiches all day long, so a generic "What's in my bag?" post is the best I can do at the moment *lazy yawn*. I promise to make this up to you soon enough, when the last exam session is over and when I can proudly say that I'm done with high school... forever. Its quite exciting.
Anyway, moving on -- grab a seat, ladies and gents.
Stradivarius sunglasses (purchased somewhere in Spain, a year ago) and a wallet. duh :D

 A lip balm and eyeliner :l ... although you were probably able to identify them by yourself.

A cute pen :3, always brightens up the day.

Keys and yummy cupcake covers.
An empty perfume bottle, that I occasionally like to smell when I'm sad. #justkidding, I have no idea why this was in my bag :c. I do like to keep empty perfume bottles, though, so I'm not throwing this one away.
BAGCEPTION ! The last item is my makeup bag, which I have started to neglect surprisingly often, during the past month or so.

There you go; the ridiculously ordinary contents of my bag. I do hope you enjoyed this post, though. Sometimes it can be interesting to take a look at what other people carry around with them ;).